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I love travelling. I love going to places that are so unfamiliar to me and immerse myself into its culture, take in every sight and smell. It is when I am travelling that I truly feel like I'm living.

I don't consider myself as a landscape photographer. As you can tell I'm miles away from that. And I was perfectly okay with that. This particular trip however, I wish I were. When we arrived at Grand Canyon, I was in awe at how magnificent it is. It was at that point that I wish I had the knowledge, skills and equipment to capture all that I saw and bring it back with me.

This 1 month holiday is the longest that I have ever been on. The plan was to explore Vancouver and the West Coast of USA. In 2 weeks, we visited San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, LA and Seattle. It was mostly touch and go, and I wished I had more time at every place to experience them further. Nevertheless, it was my very first time visiting all these places and I cannot tell you just how amazed and in love I was.

It is too much of a drag to talk about every single place so I'll just let the photos try to take you on the journey with me.

The Cable Car Museum in San Francisco. It shows how the cable system works which is pretty amazing.

Though we didn't manage to catch the game, I was not going to give the stadium a miss.

One moment we were figuring out where to go, next moment we were monkeying around

San Diego Zoo was really magnificent. It is so huge that there were cables cars to bring people to the further point.

We managed to climb down towards the ledge for a spectacular view. What we saw at the edge was worth the climb; a California Condor was sitting there looking at us.

Another climb, another ledge. This was scarier cause I felt as though the wind was going to blow me over

There was people setting up their giant binoculars pointing at the moon and the sun. It was a unique experience. Wasn't seeing looking through them I have to say.

Madame Tussauds Museum in Hollywood

This was the Seattle Underground Tour, which brought us underneath the street level to look at how the people used to walk about, when sidewalks were non-existent.

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